Soothing for my Soul – Another Praise-Fest

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  Having a praise-fest from the things I added to my God List today in Isaiah 57 and Psalm 57. Highlighting my favorites: – You are my refuge. – You are the High and lofty One – You live forever and Your name is Holy – You live in a high and holy place – You also live with the one who is contrite and lowly in spirit – You revive the spirit of the lowly and the heart of the contrite. – You see us...

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Return to Praise-Fest!

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There are days when the only way to start the day is with gratitude and praise. So, given that fact, I am going to just praise my God here, using attributes and actions that are on my God List. God, you create a shelter and shade in the heat of the day–you are a refuge and hiding place from the storms and rains of life. Thank you that this is so. You are seated on your throne, high and exalted. Your train, O God, fills the Heavenly temple....

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Saturday Song Special – Shackles (Praise You) by Mary Mary

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This is a very different selection for the from Trial to Triumph play list than previous songs. Psalm 30:11 says: You have turned my mourning into dancing… I still remember the first time I heard this and the impact it had on me. Yes! I needed to DANCE! Sometimes we just need to proclaim the truth…God HAS broken the shackles off our feet and we CAN dance. The question is: Will I choose to dance? “Shackles (Praise...

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A Book for Your New Kindle App

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Keep your focus on our great GOD and KING, instead of the Dust Mites of life with the help of a book that is on “special” now through March 18th, 2013. For $1.99 you can add this title to your Kindle reader on your PC or iDevice. Check out this page that features One Year Alone With God – 366 Devotions on the Name of God. These short readings supply a Scripture passage and the author’s thoughts, typically on a Name...

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  Using my God List this morning, to have a Praise-Fest! Lord, today as my heart is heavy, I choose to focus on your glory, goodness and character rather than to magnify the “dust mites” of life. God, thank you that you are the God of all comfort. Thank you that you personally comfort me, now. You are my salvation–not the many things that I look to so very often, instead. Escaping my situation, for instance, Lord, will...

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Saturday’s Song Special – Whom Shall I Fear with Lincoln Brewster and Kari Jobe

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  This song has meant to much to me during the past two and a half years. It is a “must have” addition for the From Trial to Triumph playlist. Let the words wash over you. I love how it speaks of “I won’t believe the lie…” Doing our trials well begins by choosing to think differently. We have to reject lies we have believed.  This song has so much wonderful truth that is prefect for renewing our minds...

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