Using my God List this morning, to have a Praise-Fest!

Lord, today as my heart is heavy, I choose to focus on your glory, goodness and character rather than to magnify the “dust mites” of life.

God, thank you that you are the God of all comfort. Thank you that you personally comfort me, now. You are my salvation–not the many things that I look to so very often, instead. Escaping my situation, for instance, Lord, will not be my salvation in this. You have called me to this and in this, with you holding my hand, YOU are my salvation. You are worthy of my trust in this. I will not be afraid knowing that you are good, kind, and sovereign. You are my strength and my song. You promise me that I will draw water from the wells of your salvation with joy. What a glorious thought! Lord, I come to draw today–now. I sing to you, Lord, for you have done glorious things. You are with me. Thank you that you give ear to my words and consider even my sighing. You listen to my cries for help. You hear my voice as I lay my hopeful expectations before you. You do not take pleasure in evil. Thank you that you welcome me into your presence and for your great mercy. You lead me in righteousness. You make your way straight before me. You promise that as I take refuge in you (instead of other things), I will be glad. You spread your protection over me as I sing for joy. I love your Name, Lord, and I can rejoice in you! You bless me. You surround me with your favor as with a shield. Thank you, Lord, for all these things that are true of you!

(From Psalm 4 and 5.)

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