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We Get to Choose – Step 1 Change Our Thinking – Step 2 Get Equipped – Step 3 Sing Our Traveling Song – Step 4 Fix Your Eyes – Step 5 Creating a God List – Step 6 Praise Him! – Step 7 Praying Scripture – Step 8 Fostering a Heart of Thanksgiving – Step 9 Resting in His Embrace – Step 10 Focus on Others – Step 11 Train to Practice His Presence – Step 12 Forgive Yourself –...

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Book for 99 cents for your Kindle App

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My focus here at this blog is to encourage us to move steadily on the Path of Praise–no matter what happens, no matter what trials we face. Today’s recommendation is a book for $.99 for your Kindle app called Take Words With You: Scripture Promises and Prayers. Though I only just downloaded it, it appears to be perfect for my quiet times and for Praise-Fests. Have a look at this link to see what you think. It is from the Gospel...

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Soothing for my Soul – Another Praise-Fest

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  Having a praise-fest from the things I added to my God List today in Isaiah 57 and Psalm 57. Highlighting my favorites: – You are my refuge. – You are the High and lofty One – You live forever and Your name is Holy – You live in a high and holy place – You also live with the one who is contrite and lowly in spirit – You revive the spirit of the lowly and the heart of the contrite. – You see us...

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Return to Praise-Fest!

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There are days when the only way to start the day is with gratitude and praise. So, given that fact, I am going to just praise my God here, using attributes and actions that are on my God List. God, you create a shelter and shade in the heat of the day–you are a refuge and hiding place from the storms and rains of life. Thank you that this is so. You are seated on your throne, high and exalted. Your train, O God, fills the Heavenly temple....

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Forgiving Others

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Vital to our moving through our trials differently than we might otherwise or than we have during previous trials is a need we have to forgive others. I have mentioned this at this blog before, but thought I would share an article with you that might be helpful. Expert Insights: Learning About Forgiveness with Dr. Jeff Klick. Dr. Jeff Klick has been in full time ministry for over 30 years and is the senior pastor at Hope Family...

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Saturday Song Special – Shackles (Praise You) by Mary Mary

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This is a very different selection for the from Trial to Triumph play list than previous songs. Psalm 30:11 says: You have turned my mourning into dancing… I still remember the first time I heard this and the impact it had on me. Yes! I needed to DANCE! Sometimes we just need to proclaim the truth…God HAS broken the shackles off our feet and we CAN dance. The question is: Will I choose to dance? “Shackles (Praise...

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