Some days, we have to choose to praise...
Some days, we have to choose to praise…

There are days when the only way to start the day is with gratitude and praise. So, given that fact, I am going to just praise my God here, using attributes and actions that are on my God List.

God, you create a shelter and shade in the heat of the day–you are a refuge and hiding place from the storms and rains of life. Thank you that this is so.

You are seated on your throne, high and exalted. Your train, O God, fills the Heavenly temple. You are holy and the whole earth is filled with Your glory.

You bring light, O God, to the dawn for those who have been in darkness.

You enlarge nations and increase our joy.

You shatter the yoke that burdens us, the bar across our shoulders, the rod of the oppressors. You do away with them all!

You answer me when I call.

You are MY righteous God.

You give me relief from my distress as I fix my mind, heart, and eyes on You.

You are merciful.

You hear my prayer.

The light of Your face, O God, shines upon us.

I will lie down and sleep in peace because You alone, Lord, cause me to dwell in safety.

Thank you that you turn away from anger and comfort your people.

You are my salvation. I can trust in you and not be afraid.

You are my strength and my song.

I sing to you, Lord, for you have done glorious things!


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