Ever been frustrated that you aren’t able to download all the great books from Amazon? For those of you who are “non-technical” types, you no longer have to be limited! Today’s Techie Tuesday “gizmo” of choice is the Kindle app for your PC. You can also get an app for your iPad, iPod, or iPhone. This is a MUST have app–especially in conjunction with an email list that sends out the most amazing deals (some free!) on Christian kindle books! Read on and I will tell you about that as well.


This is a screen shot of my Kindle library (what you can see of it) on my laptop computer. I don’t own a Kindle. (I did buy one for my husband for Christmas.) I have the app on my laptop as well as on my iPod Touch and iPad. In fact, one of the cool things is that my Kindle apps all sync with one another. I can read a book on my laptop or on my iPad and they will sync so that I am in the right place the next time I open my iPod Touch! VERY cool.

One of the things I love about the Kindle app for the PC is the ability to create collections. Below, you can see that I have categorized my books (so far) into four categories: Devotional, Fiction, Christmas, and Marriage. This makes sorting through all the books I have so much easier.


So far, the app for the iPod Touch and the iPad, doesn’t offer this ability. That is about the only disappointment I have so far with the iTunes apps. These definitely need the ability to group books as well.

I love that the books I purchase (even the free ones are considered “purchased” by Amazon), are always available in the “cloud.” If I purchase another device, I can access them on that device as well in my Kindle app for that device.

What makes the Kindle for PC (or iDevice) a tool that can contribute to our resolve to stay on the Path of Praise no matter what is all the titles that you can get for free or less than $3. Many are devotional books. I have added invaluable titles to my collections without paying premium prices.  Some of these, I will be sharing with you in the days ahead. But if you don’t have the Kindle app somewhere on your devices, my tips about Kindle books that are available will be pointless (well, unless you have a Kindle!).

If you want to see killer deals that are available NOW, visit Gospel E-Books. I have subscribed so I get notifications daily about the new deals!

What types of books are most likely to encourage you to stay on the Path of Praise no matter what?

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