Forgiving Others

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Vital to our moving through our trials differently than we might otherwise or than we have during previous trials is a need we have to forgive others. I have mentioned this at this blog before, but thought I would share an article with you that might be helpful. Expert Insights: Learning About Forgiveness with Dr. Jeff Klick. Dr. Jeff Klick has been in full time ministry for over 30 years and is the senior pastor at Hope Family...

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Stopped Dead

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Careening down a steep hill on inline skates, hair flowing behind like the mane of a wild mustang, cerulean blue sky overhead, with my faithful dog loping at my side, life felt like it couldn’t get any better. I am not sure just when I realized that managing the curve of the cul-de-sac at the bottom of the steep hill at top speed like I anticipated would require that I “take out” my dog who was loping in a straight trajectory...

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Step 13b – Own Up – Ask Forgiveness of Others

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Six weeks and five days ago (but who is counting!?), my husband greeted me with a statement that rocked my world. As the smoke cleared, as my finger-pointing and accusations fell empty to the floor (no one willing to receive it), I sensed that God was challenging me, “You speak to women’s groups about handling difficult situations. You teach them to move from fear to faith, from victim to victor, from trial to triumph on the Path of...

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Step 13a – Forgive Yourself

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If I could share only one piece of advice that will transform a trial into a triumph, a victim into a victor, inspire dancing where only mourning has been previously, it would be: “Be willing to forgive. Early. Often. Always.” There is no other single piece of wisdom that will be as transformative as we go through trials of life as… …forgiveness. I have found that forgiveness needs to happen in four different areas...

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