I have just added to my God List in Evernote from Psalm 33 and Isaiah 33.

Now I am going to spend time praising him with what I found. I thought I would do so journaling it…typing it as I go…so you can see what it might look like. Ordinarily, I would do this out loud if possible. I could also select just a few of the things on my God list (for the sake of time). I have time this morning, so I am going to have a long leisurely Praisefest!

Photo courtesy of iStockPhoto
Photo courtesy of iStockPhoto

Lord, it is so fitting for me to praise you. Your Word is right and true and I am so thankful for that. You are faithful in all you do, even when I don’t have any idea what you are doing. You love righteousness and justice. In fact, the earth is FULL of your unfailing love. I am in awe as I consider that you created all this beauty that I see outside–the birds, the blue sky, the trees, even the variations in the color of the dirt–all by your Word. The heavens and the earth were made just by you speaking them into being. I know that you can speak into being *anything*…including a solution to the challenges I face. If you will it, it will happen. If you don’t will it, it is for your very great purposes in keeping with your justice, righteousness, faithfulness and love. You are worthy of my reverence. You foil the plans of those that run counter to you. Yet your plans stand firm forever. The purposes of your beautiful and good heart stand through all generations. You watch over all of us. You form the hearts of all people. You consider everything we do. Nothing is hidden from your sight, Lord. I can wait in hope for you. You are my help and my shield. You cause my heart to rejoice. I trust in your holy name. Your love is unfailing and I can hope in you. You are gracious to me. I long for you, Lord. You are my strength every morning. You are my salvation in time of distress (not the things I am prone to turn to). You are exalted. You dwell on high. You fill the earth with justice and righteousness. You are the sure foundation for the challenging time I currently face. You are a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge. You offer me the key to this treasure…oh cause me to have a holy fear of you, that I might have this key to the treasure that is found in you! You are exalted, You are lifted up. I acknowledge your great power. You are my Mighty One. You are my judge. You are my lawgiver. You are my King. You save me. I praise you this day.


How about you? Can you open your bible to any passage you like (the psalms are great) and add 5 things to your God list? Then, can you turn it into a prayer praisefest saying “God You are…..”?

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