There are a few tools that I use that really seem to add “jet fuel” to¬† my walk with God. Evernote is one of them and I haven’t scratched the surface of its practical uses, I am sure. I have ONE thing I routinely use it for (well, other than my TO DO list) and that is my God List. In fact, even if everything else gets overlooked, my God List on Evernote, is SO incredibly helpful!

First, I use the FREE account. I haven’t seen a reason to use the premium account.

Secondly, I log on to EVERNOTE using my laptop to do most of my God List editing. I have my bible open next to me and my laptop on my lap with my Evernote account open.

Evernote on my laptop…

From this screen, I can select opening my God List in a separate window and editing it if I want.

What is really cool and very powerful, though, about Evernote, is the way it syncs with my other devices. I don’t have an iPhone, but I have an iPod Touch and an iPad. My iPod goes with me everywhere and here are the screens that I get for my iPod with Evernote…updated pretty instantly after I add to my God List in the mornings during my quiet times:

Initial screen on iPod Touch (and iPhone)

As I go through my day, I may face swells of emotions at random moments. This has happened for me lately as I have been going through this trial. I can be at work and all of a sudden a tidal wave of deep sadness hits me and my eyes will well up with tears. In the past, my habit has been to consider just how sad my situation is…and to throw a bit of a pity party. With the accessibility of my iPod (or iPad) and my God List ready at hand, within seconds, I can call up my God List and be reminded of attributes of God and have a mini-praise-fest, magnifying HIM instead of my trial.

Presto! God List within seconds...
Presto! God List within seconds…

Within moments, the “dust mites” are put back in their place and I have experienced one more victory as I continue on my way.

For those with the iPad, here are some screen shots for you:

iPad Home Screen

You tap on the God List icon and presto:

God List at the Ready in iPad

When I am waiting at the doctor’s office, I can pull out my iPod or my iPad and have a mini-praise-fest. When I am tempted to swing in to the drive – through for a large Oreo milkshake at Jack-in-the-Box, I can pull over and FEAST on the presence of God instead and find my soul is filled up by recounting God’s attributes back to him.

I know this may seem fanatical, but when you think about the things that we allow to dominate our thoughts…is there really anything as beautiful as our awesome God? It stands to reason that our struggle with worry, with depression, anger, struggling to forgive and many other challenges we face as we go through trials might be dealt a death blow if we focused more of our attention on how awesome, good, beautiful and sovereign our God is. Rather than “Woe is me,” let’s praise– “Great is GOD!”

Again, any time you update your Evernote God List on one device, it will be synced with your other devices.

A caveat: I have a Blackberry mobile phone and the application for Evernote on it is VERY different. I have uninstalled it since I felt it was pretty worthless for my purposes.

I hope this little Technie Tool propels you forward as you seek to respond differently to the challenges you are facing. We can do this for the glory of God!


1. Visit the Evernote website, create a free account, and transcribe your God List there.

2. If you have an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone, download the app from the Apple Store. Log on with your new account information and watch your device sync!

3. Use your God List to praise God for 3 attributes at some point during the day “on-the-fly.”

4. Share here what you think of this and how you think it could help you!

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