So far, I have shared a variety of strategies that you can use to pursue intimacy with God during a trial. My heart’s desire is to stay steadfast on the path of praise no matter what I face and I want to support you as you do the same.

Rather than post another new strategy (I will save it for tomorrow), I thought I would give you a chance to go back through the ideas shared so far and make it your own.

  • If you purchased Barb’s app, do a set of questions that are in the app. Even if they seem to focus on eating and you don’t struggle with emotional eating, do the question set and insert the behavior of your choice that you struggle with doing when your emotions run away with you.
  • Select a new song to memorize and sing–a song that helps you to renew your mind and that encourages you to focus on the Lord instead of on the dust mites. 🙂
  • Select a psalm or other passage of your choice and add to your God List.
  • Using your God List, have a praise-fest!
  • Select a Scripture to pray for the person that God is using as a “vehicle” for your trial or challenging circumstance.

You can also gather the rest of the “supplies” that I mentioned earlier in our journey in this post! (Clean out that bathtub…we are going to use it! LOL!)

More new content coming tomorrow!

What will you do today to continue to work toward making it through your trial as a victor, rather than a victim?

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