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Hi! If you are just joining us, you will probably want to read yesterday’s blog post.  Even better if you read Monday’s, too.

Every journey requires provisions. If we are going to move from Fear to Faith (or from Victim to Victor) on the Path of Praise, there are some things we will need for the journey. Here are some things I use on my journey…

  • Journal ~ A spiral-notebook-with-real-paper-in-it sort of journal is great. And a pen. Now, if you would rather, instead of this,  a laptop, iPad or some other tablet or device that allows you to jot things down will work fine. You just want a place that you can consistently record your thoughts and insights. The assignments requiring jotting something down will have different levels just like yesterday’s memorization assignment did. A 30-minute writing exercise is *not* planned! 😀 Just choose something you are comfortable with where you can jot things down.
  • A Bible. I will be asking you to open the Bible and dig a little. If you don’t have a bible, since you are here online, you can choose from any number of wonderful online resources. I often use Bible Gateway or Blue Letter Bible. Feel free to use a resource of your own choosing.
  • A bathtub. If you are like me, you may have to be sure it is clean enough for you to be willing to use it! 😀 I know it sounds silly for me to include this, but I believe that this can be a wonderful tool for our journey! Not only will it cleanse our body of trail dirt ;-), but we will find that God uses the time of being still “soaking” to cleanse our spirits!
  • A pad of sticky notes – Yep…the paper kind you can write on and stick to your dashboard, telephone, fridge, and TV. 🙂
  • A cell phone, watch, or other device with a minute timer on it that can be set to go off incrementally throughout the day.
  • Ideal world: iPod Touch or iPad. Not ideal world: iPod shuffle or other MP3 player of some sort–and earphones. If you happen to have a way of playing your mp3 player in your car or in a player in your bathroom–even better! 🙂 (No kidding!)
  • Account for downloading music to device mentioned in previous item. (Like iTunes or Amazon.)
  • 10 minutes (or so) each day (more if you prefer).

DEADLINE for getting as many of these items as possible: FRIDAY! 🙂 I would love for you to have them for the weekend!

Well, what do you think? 🙂


1.  Obtain as many items on my bulleted list as you can. If you like, view this pdf and print it out if you like–it is a check list of the items mentioned –>

Step 3 Get Equipped

2. Continue to apply yourself to yesterday’s assignment, memorizing the thoughts and verses that you can think upon instead of the negative thoughts that assault you as you navigate your way through your trial.

2. Share your thoughts about yesterday’s assignment in the comments. Here are some questions to give you some direction (if you like):

Which statement or verse are you choosing to memorize?

Since reading yesterday’s assignment, have you been assaulted by negative thoughts? How did it go with regard to taking those thoughts captive and choosing, instead, to think one of the other thoughts or verses you chose to memorize?

Did you make up a song? You can continue to work on your song and video! I DO hope you will! Email me the link!



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