One of the best deals out there for your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone is by the Desiring God folks. They have put together some of John Piper’s works into a free daily devotional. You can download it for free by clicking this link.

Solid Joys provides a page of John Piper’s wisdom each day in devotional style form.


If you prefer to read devotions at night, you can tap the upper left “moon” icon and get a night-time version so you can read in a darkened room, perhaps, while your spouse is sleeping. LOL!


You can tap on the star icon on the upper right to designate a favorite devotion that speaks to you and then the icon in the middle of the three right side icons has a list of all your favorites:


If you want to share one of the devotions with someone via email, you tap the icon on the top right and up pops an email:


Just fill in the details and tap send.

John Piper’s wisdom is a welcome, SOLID JOY in my own life. I hope you enjoy this FREE devotional app and add it to your “Quiet Time Smorgasbord.” 🙂


Download this app at the iTunes store. Read today’s entry and tell us what you think. Some of the entries are encouraging and some are quite challenging. Regardless, though, I find that John Piper always points me back to Christ.