(And what to do instead…)

ENOUGH with promises made over the years and not kept.

ENOUGH with being “cute” and clever: “I have made one resolution…and that is never to make a resolution!” And yes, I have kept that resolution!

ENOUGH with flippancy. God issues an invitation. Here. Now. Each day. He invites us to grow. To change.

Here are three reasons why making New Year’s Resolutions are not the way to approach the need for change:

1. New Year’s Resolutions are all about ME and MY effort and MY success or MY failure. What is missing from this focus? GOD! I have had ENOUGH of that!

2. New Year’s Resolutions are limiting. Typically, resolutions have to do with a behavior that I want to change…something measurable. But this fails to deal with what is going on in my heart that has caused the problem. I don’t want to just wash the outside of the cup. I want to deal with the contents! I have had ENOUGH of superficial solutions to deeper issues.

3. New Year’s Resolutions can be the source of pride or self-condemnation. Pride sets in while I am still towing the mark, doing my part, doing what I promised. Then, as soon as I “mess up” for a few days, self condemnation sets in as I beat myself over the head. I have definitely had ENOUGH of that, too!


This year, I am joining the My One Word campaign! Visit this website for more information.

By now, maybe you can guess what My One Word is. Go ahead…take a guess :-). I will be writing more here about that as the year unfolds.

Won’t you join me? Take some time to go through the process. Then, prayerfully select one word to use as a lens through which to view life, inviting God to change you as He chooses. What do you think? What will be your one word? I would love to hear about it!

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