Have you ever woken up, stumbled into your bathroom, taken a gander at your image reflected in the mirror and been aghast? It might be a hair growing out of your face that is NOT supposed to be there (just being honest) :-), an obtrusive red blemish (I can’t stand using the “P” word!). Or even a “sun spot” that appeared overnight. All you know is “That is NOT supposed to be what my face looks like!”

Recently, this happened to me at an entirely new level! But first, a story…

Christmas every day! That is what my Gospel E-books email is like for me! For months, now, I have received a digest daily to my inbox that tells me of FREE or HUGELY reduced Christian books for my Kindle app on my iPad. Daily, I eagerly scan the featured books and with two clicks of my mouse, I have a new book downloading automatically to my iPad. Another click and I have another book! Another click…and there goes ANOTHER! Ooooh! This is fun! Even writing about it gets my pulse up!  Free books!

My Amazon Cloud (see image below) seems to indicate I have accumulated…wait for it…277 books on my iPad. (Click the image to see a close-up.) TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SEVEN????





A day dawned (was it only last week?) when, as is my usual early-morning practice, I eagerly launched my iPad Kindle app.

There, at the top of my list were a number of books…from today, yesterday, the day before, with “NEW” ribbons across the corners. Such FUN!



Instead of my usual smug bookish bliss, however, I was smacked upside the head as though seeing a nasty PIMPLE (there, I will say it!) in the mirror for the first time:

“Don’t you think you have enough?”

“I could never have enough, Lord!”

“Yes, child, you DO have enough.”

What was reflected back to me in that moment, like one, UGLY, face-dominating, black hair emerging from the middle of my chin… was…I have a greed issue.

Does anyone really need that many new books? Well, I do. I am just sure of it. But…well, I guess if I am honest, I see that my iPad reflects that I have a problem. I can’t get enough books. I always want another…

…and another…

…and another.

Although this wasn’t the experience that pushed me to select the word “ENOUGH” for this year’s “My One Word” campaign, it certainly justified the decision! I know God wants to deal with what is going on in my heart. It isn’t just greed for Kindle books, either. I am greedy for food, for fun, for rest, for time spent with my family. I can’t seem to get ENOUGH.

So, this year, God has led me to view my life and what He wants to do in me through the lens of “Enough.”

Is there something in your life that you feel you can’t get enough of? Is it possible that this is a symptom of something in your heart (as it is with me)? Wanna talk about it? Post a comment! 🙂

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