Step 8 – Praying Scripture

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When I let mind my do its own thing as I navigate through a trial, I end up telling myself lies (which we addressed a bit in Step 2 last week and on Tuesday of this week). I want THIS time to be different and so I have to choose to DO something different. That is what this blog is about. This series is about practical strategies that you and I can employ to think and act differently so that we can live as victors rather than victims. If my...

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Step 7 – PRAISE Him!

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There is something about clarity that is so reassuring. When everything extraneous is stripped away and things are simplified, I just find my soul can be at peace. When I face challenges that threaten to bury me alive, this is especially so. This passage offers clarity to me: But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his...

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Techie Tuesday – APP to TRANSFORM Your Thinking!

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On “Techie Tuesdays,” I will share something (an app, song for your mp3 player, etc.) here at the blog that I use on my device(s) that contributes to the CHOICE to respond differently in this trial than we have in previous trials. I won’t talk about techie stuff here that isn’t relevant to our goal of honoring the Lord as we go through this trial.  My iPod and iPad have been invaluable tools for me as I have navigated...

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Get Equipped – Step 3

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Hi! If you are just joining us, you will probably want to read yesterday’s blog post.  Even better if you read Monday’s, too. Every journey requires provisions. If we are going to move from Fear to Faith (or from Victim to Victor) on the Path of Praise, there are some things we will need for the journey. Here are some things I use on my journey… Journal ~ A spiral-notebook-with-real-paper-in-it sort of journal is great. And...

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Change Our Thinking – Step 2

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Thanks for joining me here. We will be laying a foundation this week for strategies that will be with us our entire lives. I encourage you to read the blog posts and do the activities. Ask questions and interact with one another in the comment section. I know this works. If we are going to manage the trial that we are currently facing differently than previously–and we are–we have to be willing to change our thinking. Doing this is...

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We Get to Choose – Step 1

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When life slams a trial in your face, when circumstances spin in a direction that you never expected and didn’t see coming, what choice will you make? What choice will I make? I was at the “Happiest Place on Earth,” enjoying three days in Disneyland with my daughter. Hard to believe that was only a couple of weeks ago. Upon returning, I was hit with a tidal wave–news I never expected to receive. I have to live each...

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